Resolution Supporting Majority Rule in California for Revenue Bills

Adopted on
Nov 11, 2009

Whereas, the California Constitution requires certain bills making appropriations from the General Fund, for changes in state taxes for the purpose of raising revenue, to be passed in each house of the Legislature by a two-third vote; and

Whereas, this requirement amounts to minority rule by one third plus one and has brought the State of California to a revenue crisis and a situation of paralysis because of an obstructionist minority; and

Whereas, the people of California deserve urgently to have a functional, effective and balanced government, able to respond and adjust to economic downturns and upswings for the benefit of the majority of its citizens, rather than be held hostage by the few;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee supports a change to only require a simple majority (like the U. S. Congress and 80% of states) for revenue bills, thus restoring majority rule and representative democracy to California's government.