Resolution Supporting the Election of Eureka City Council Members by Ward

Adopted on
Nov 11, 2009

Whereas, at present Eureka City Council members are elected by the voters of the City based upon which candidate for a specific Ward gets the most votes city-wide and;

Whereas, a petition for an initiative measure is being circulated to amend the Eureka City Charter to elect City Council members on a Ward-only basis, meaning that a candidate for a particular Ward must be elected exclusively by a majority of voters registered in that Ward, and;

Whereas, elections on a Ward-only basis allow for more direct representation of the concerns and interests of the registered voters of the Ward and are thus more democratic,

Therefore be it resolved that the Humboldt County Central Committee endorses the concept of Ward-only voting for Eureka City Council members and encourages Eureka voters to sign the petition to place the initiative on the ballot and encourages the voters of the City of Eureka to vote for the initiative.