Resolution to Support Publicly Financed California Elections (AB 583 - Clean Money)

Adopted on
Mar 21, 2006

Whereas, the cost of elections to public office have been escalating astronomically in California and the Nation, including a record $130 million spent on the last California Governor's race; and

Whereas, other California candidates seeking election in 2002 also raised and spent record-breaking amounts of money; and

Whereas, many highly qualified and motivated people who would serve in office cannot compete with incumbents or the rich; and

Whereas, large campaign contributions often create a conflict of interest for legislators who need to return favors instead of voting in a manner that best serves the people of their districts; and

Whereas, important issues needing change and reform to better serve the people of the State ranging from health care, to natural resource protection, to education are ignored or unsatisfactory solutions are crafted because of the aforementioned conflict of interest; and

Whereas, the use of public money for Clean Money campaigns as defined in AB 583 would be more than offset by stopping the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually wasted on benefits and tax breaks for special interests; and

Whereas, publicly financed elections or Clean Money campaigns are currently in place in Arizona, Maine and Connecticut and are working successfully as intended; and

Whereas, the Clean Money system described in AB 583 would make elected officials accountable to the people of California, not special interests;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee will work actively for publicly financed elections for California for passage of AB 583 and press for the bills' signing into law in 2006.