Resolution For A Single Payer Healthcare System

Adopted on
Jun 10, 2009

Whereas, it is the right of every citizen in the United States to have access to affordable healthcare, and;

Whereas, the mixed public-private sector healthcare system in the United States is the most expensive healthcare system in the world, costing more per person than in any other nation, and;

Whereas, a greater portion of gross domestic product (GDP) is spent on healthcare in the United States than in any other United Nations memberstate except for the Marshall Islands, and;

Whereas, the United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not ensure that all citizens have coverage, and;

Whereas, the World Health Organization, in 2000, ranked the US healthcare system 37th in overall performance and 72nd by overall level of health, and;

Whereas, currently, 30% of healthcare cost in the United States are administrative costs, and;

Whereas, healthcare costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States and these costs directly affect the competitiveness of the United States in the global marketplace, and;

Whereas, currently, decisions to provide medial expenses to the insured are made by “for profit” administrators, and;

Whereas, 45 million Americans are without healthcare insurance and their medical costs are a direct hidden cost paid for by all,

Therefore be it resolved that a single payer healthcare system administered by the Federal Government is the only prudent alternative to solve our current healthcare crisis, and;

Be it further resolved that the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee calls upon the Obama administration and Congress and particularly our elected representatives Mike Thompson, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to enact a single payer healthcare system for the citizens of the United States.