Committee Actions

The Committee is active in local, statewide, national, and international politics through the endorsement of local candidates and measures, the passing of resolutions and the hosting of meetings, workshops, movies, and other events.


The Committee requests information from Democrats seeking election who wish to be considered for Committee endorsement. Candidates also appear before the Committee, and after speaking, respond to questions.

To be endorsed by the Committee, a candidate must receive two-thirds of all votes cast at a meeting of the Committee. Local ballot measures must also receive two-thirds of all votes cast to receive the Committee’s endorsement.

Candidates’ Statements

Responses to the Committee’s questions and information provided by the candidates we endorsed, and from all Democratic candidates in races that we have made no endorsements, are provided prior to elections.


Resolutions are presented to the full Committee for approval by the Communication & Education subcommittee. Resolutions may concern local, statewide, national, and international issues that are of importance to members of the community. These resolutions support our platform concerning democracy and participation, social justice, environmental protection, and economic fairness and viability.

Procedures & Forms