The Committee is the local representative of the California Democratic Party determined by California Election Code and the California Democratic Party. We provide assistance at the county level to all national, state, and local Democratic candidates.

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Hi, my name is Cliff Berkowitz, and I am running for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors 1st District.

I am looking to unseat the incumbent Rex Bohn. I plan to represent all the people of the 1st District, not just the well-connected and powerful. I also promise to continue my long-standing efforts to create a regional trails system throughout Humboldt County.

I am running on a platform of land use decisions transparency, protecting our ag lands, preparing for more flooding due to sea level rise, upgrading our roads and infrastructure, and creating innovative solutions to produce more affordable housing.

The HCDCC welcomes information from all Democrats running for office this March.

The HCDCC will make its endorsements once filing has closed in December.


Our regular office hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 12-4 pm.

Everyone is always welcome to stop by and say hello.


Learn more and participate in our democracy by attending a short presentation  on “Schools and Communities First” initiative by Kathryn Donahue at the HCDCC Headquarters, 527 4th St., Saturday Dec 7, Arts Alive at 7 o’clock.  She will be available for questions after presentation.
Petitions will be available to sign in order to have this important initiative on the 2020 ballot. 


If passed, the “Schools and Communities First” initiative will bring between $11 to $12 million dollars in funding back to California public schools and local government services and infrastructure.

By amending 1978’s Prop 13 property tax loopholes that have allowed huge corporations like Chevron and Shell Oil to escape property value reassessments since 1978, and who are not paying their fair share owing to these loopholes, they will no longer be able to profit from the Prop 13 loopholes for large corporations.

During these years we watched California school rankings go from 3rd to 49th in the U. S. due to lack of funding.

Exemptions and protections for any type of residential properties, agricultural lands, and small business now in place will remain in place and be improved.


Bob and Pam Service will display their beautiful photos taken this year in the White Mountains of the remarkable ancient Bristlecone Pines.  These pines are older than redwoods* and live high atop the mountain peaks in harsh unforgiving environment.  Come see photos of this botanical rare oddity.

*A specimen of Pinus longaeva located in the White Mountains of California is 5,069  years old—the oldest known individual tree in the world—according to measurements by Tom Harlan.


Stan Fleming ~ 6:30pm  - 7pm
Stop in for some sweet tunes from Stan Fleming and his saxophone.

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